Dry brushing, I seem to be hearing a lot about this lately. Perhaps it is the season, when the cold turns our skin into dried leather.  Or perhaps there is more to it!?!? Unfamiliar with the process (and the benefits) I decided to do some research. Here is what I found out….

Turns out dry brushing does not just de-flake your skin it also improves circulation and can help detoxify the body. There are even some who go so far to say that dry brushing can break down the toxic layers of fat underneath the skin that cause cellulite. Now while I can not attest to any of this, I sure like the way it sounds!

Dry brushing is just that, your body and the brush should be dry. A natural bristle body brush is recommended for use. I priced these out and it seems you can get a decent natural bristle body brush for as little as $10. (So no major investment here!)  Some folks said they like to brush in short strokes while others say longer, seems to come down to preference, but both agree that you should move your brush strokes towards your heart. Straight strokes, towards your heart for your arms and legs and clockwise circles around your abdomen, buttocks and breasts. Dry brushing your entire body should take about 5-10 minutes.  And after you are going to want to shower, to rinse all that dead skin off! Ick! It is recommended to dry brush your body a few times a week.

Now there are lymphatic charts and you-tube videos galore on dry brushing, but I decided to just stick with the basics.  And not get too in-depth on this seeing as I am a newbie!  And my schedule is pretty jam packed these days so 5-10 minutes time is right up my alley!  Anything where I need to follow a lymphatic chart is just not it the cards for me these days. But if you are more inclined please do check these out.

Here is my breakdown:  Time investment: 5-10 minutes, Cost: $10, Benefits: exfoliates, detoxifies, improves circulation and MAY help reduce cellulite….. that is a no brainer for me! Sign me up!

Happy scrubbing beauties!