Laura Geller’s Variegated Baked Eye Shadow in Blue Icing arrived at my house several months ago. It was part of  a New Beauty special QVC edition Test Tube. And truth be told, I didn’t pay it much mind at first. It is a marbleized shadow that just did not appeal to me visually in the pot, light blue and bronze all swirled together, it just looked off to me.


Marbleized blue and bronze


But one day I was feeling adventurous (or perhaps just bored) and I took it out to give it a try. And I have never looked back! This shadow is great! Not only do I love the color effect it gives, sort of a gilded brown, or a deep bronze… hard for me to describe (I HOPE the photos do it justice), but the staying power is amazing! I am not one to wear eye shadow primer on any given day (special events only). But even with out primer this shadow lasts ALL DAY, no creasing, no fading! It goes on very smoothly and blends beautifully. You can go heavy or light with  it, and can be applied dry or wet.


Eye on L lid applied wet / Eye on R lid applied dry with lower rim applied wet


Applied wet to lid on L / Applied dry to lid on R

Applied wet to lid on L / Applied dry to lid on R


What I once ignored for months I find myself reaching for several times a week now. It has become my regular eye shadow. I am your standard brown eyed beauty, but I truly feel this color would work well with all skin tones and eye shades. When I was doing some research on this product I came across a review from a fair skinned, hazel eyed, beauty who was also extolling this shadow and saying how well it makes her eyes pop! So I feel pretty confident in saying this is a crowd pleaser.  It is at least a Beth pleaser!